Ten Years From Now

I heard a business leaders, last week, speaking about integrity and the exponential rate the world is changing. He said ” in the two hours we are in this room, the world has changed – we just don’t know how or understand what it means yet”, The speaker was a senior leader, the head of a multi billion dollar group of companies and a respected community member. I took his words to heart and have repeated them often over the past 7 days. I agree that there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in tomorrow and next week and next  year. I believe more will change more quickly than any of us are imagining.

But, I have decided I need to still hold on to a longer view. A north star navigation point whose gravity is pulling me towards the preferred tomorrow. I have begun with the question ” Where do I want to  be in 10 years?” As I am pondering this at the highest level I have been able to drop down and highlight some pretty specific goals. As a disclaimer – in 10 years (September 2025) I will be 70 years old married for 50 years with kids and grandkids. I currently live a comfortable but not extravagant life in Calgary, Alberta.

calendar 2025

  1. Running 5 days a week (30-40km total)
  2. Healthy, trim 170 pounds
  3. Writing every day
  4. Reading 2 books a week
  5. Spending 8 hours a week at the library
  6. Volunteering  at the zoo
  7. Adding value to non profit and for profit clients
  8. Hold hands with my beloved every day
  9. Significantly influence 1000 people a year
  10. Have a plan for the next 10 years (to September 2035)

I am sketching a visual representation of the highest, higher and mid level goals but these are what have developed at the 1 foot level.

Where do you want to be in 10 years.


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