Horizons 1

th (2)

An offshoot of reflection can be clarity or perceived clarity. Reflecting over the past months and encouraged by the uptake of specific ideas expressed here and elsewhere I am taking a deep breath and a minor risk to begin a four part exploration of our horizons. If you consider the past  as a horizon, where is it located? When I think about the past I look east even though the sun rises there because that is where the rotation of the earth takes the present moment. The present might offer an ad hoc view of two horizons and the future has me looking west, even though that is where I see the sunset ending today.

If we orient our horizons differently, we are likely to see a different possibility and/or reality.We may even discover that something we seek id hurtling towards us just out of site on our western horizon.

I am beginning to see a glow in the west(all the tomorrows) and a blurring in the east (all of my yesterdays). It gives me hope as someone disappointed in the status quo and current systems that there is a glow forming that is as yet unknown and maybe as yet undefined.

Tomorrow, I tackle the Past –  I hope you tune in.


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