Horizons 2 – Past

As the  planet rotates my yesterday recedes over the eastern horizon following the other 22280 yesterdays. My memories of yesterday seem crystal clear and last month’s remembrances carry a pretty accurate representation of the events, as I saw them. After a year, what I recall from a vague period or a specific date is likely clouded by the ‘time in between’ as much as what neurons are firing in my brain. I have written about what I ‘vividly’ recall about where I was on 9/11 and November 23, 1963 but recognize that there is a lot of unintentional fabrication based on my worldview, my learning, my desire, my ego and what those I love remember. History is so much a matter of perspective even if it is recorded in the moment. When I attempt to recapture a day, an hour, a moment out of the 32 million minutes I have lived it is inevitable that the surrounding snapshots influence the picture I am grasping to bring forward.

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Does it matter? If my recollection of any event that I was a part of is shaded emotionally or even blatantly different from someone else’s perspective, does it make it any less real? My faded recollections of a misremembered childhood hold joy, sadness, pride, embarrassment, astonishment, curiosity, fear, adventure, boredom, celebrations and challenges. The burden of proof for my memories lies in my heart and in my head and I’m not sure that any other measure is more accurate.

Tomorrow Horizons 3 – thinks about the window between the time that we see the first glow of the sun hitting our eastern horizon, at an acute angle through to the. Edge of black as the horizon disappears from our vision.

Make Today Remarkable by recalling a special memory,


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