Hotizons 3 – Today

Between the sunset and sunrise we see the glow of memories fading into one horizon and the hope of our tomorrows promising a different way. As we narrow our peripheral vision, we observe and live out the only time we are sure about – today; the present. In the here and now, we have choices, either socially constructed or of our on devices. The options we choose and the consequences that arise shaped both past recollection and future impressions. I choose to looking at today as a gift, with no apologise and nor regrets necessary.  I get to make the most of my opportunities and challenges. But I am looking for a better world. One that is more generous, more equitable, less corrupt and less partisan. So in the space between yesterday and tomorrow, what can I do to nurture the world I desire and optimistically believe is somewhere over tomorrow’s horizon?

th (2)

I strive to be part of an uprising. Not a call to arms, not even a call to placards and barricades but rather a call to ideas, conversation, debate and sharing, Today I share my ideas about a better world here, and a in podcast and on periscope and if you run into me in person. I hope that you add to the conversation, debate the ideas and share the thesis. I also set out to share me with the world. My energy, my resources, my caring, my love, – me,

Today is a blessing. Tomorrow – I move to Horizons 4 – Future

Make Today Remarkable,


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