Horizons 4 – Future

th (2)I find this horizon the most exciting. Every day at sunset there is a moment, just after the sun disappears that there is a glow of hope what rebounds for a minute or so. I connect this with tomorrow and all the tomorrows. It brings me hope. I hope for a different future. A kinder much less ruthless tomorrow. A generous much less selfish tomorrow. A caring much less callus tomorrow.

As I observe my today’s, I see evidence of this coming. There are more3 and more people concerned with so much more than just their own self-interest. I read articles and have conversations about a more equitable place where we accept responsibility for ourselves, our families and our communities. I think about a technological breakthrough that helps make these things possible. Tomorrow the world is different from today, everything is changing and within a few years we will all experience an earthshaking, paradigm shifting change.

I imagine a world where our systems have changed so that we don’t recognize them. Government is really by and for the people. Education builds better citizens. Healthcare prompts self care and healthier habits rather than disease management. The limited liability casino we call the stock market is gone and has been replaced by a value adding trading system built on trust rather than security (insecurity). There is no doubt all these changes are going to cause a disruption but if we hold onto the hope of tomorrow, we will all make it to the new world.

I am taking some time to expound on the Future Horizon elsewhere so if this optimism and hope interests you, let me know.

Make Tomorrow Remarkable,


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