What Do You Do With Leftovers?

When you prepare a big meal or buy too much takeout what do you do with the leftovers? Are you diligent in making sure that the last piece of chicken and broccoli gets eaten? Do you just toss them because you know you won’t get back to them before they go bad? Do you have great intentions to make something new from what was left and what you have in your cupboard?

What about your big ideas and big plans? Are there leftovers at the end of the day, the project? Where are you storing them; in a journal, on a list in your head? Just like some leftovers from the Chinese takeaway, some ideas aren’t worth holding onto but there are likely some delicious bits that have the potential to be added to another plan and something interesting and different created. If you aren’t strong the unused thoughts and goals somewhere, I am afraid the loose threads fray and they eventually find their way to the bin even if we aren’t aware that they have been tossed.


I am really good at synthesizing ideas, even when they don’t fit and have seen some remarkable stuff get created but I too need a better system than the recipe cards in my head. I am going to apply some diligence using my Android and an app. Any suggestions for a quick, easy, voice recognition word processor that has a way of adding alerts to certain entries to remind me to come back to them?

Make Today Remarkable, by warming something up,


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