My Morning Routine and One More Thing

I routinely resisted routine for years feeling it was a handcuff that reduced or possibly eliminated creativity. Just over a year ago, I began a practice that has turned into a habit.


I wake at just before 5am, usually without an alarm but I do set it every night. I get up regardless of what time I went to bed but 80% of the time that has become a routine that has me asleep before 10pm.

I manage my social media accounts and respond to overnight emails for about 30 minutes and then settle in to write another blog post. Every day I craft a draft post that isn’t always published the same day. With the commitment to write and ship every day and the promise to keep my rants to less than 350 words, this has become a highlight of each morning.

Four or five mornings a week, I am ready to run 5 to 10k by 6:30 and head out (headlamp on at this time of year) for a tour of the neighbourhood parks. I run alone and am in my head for 30 minutes to an hour.

Recovery, shower, breakfast.

I take 10 minutes to do my two Duolingo Spanish lessons and have a second coffee.

I have coaching sessions that begin at 7am (sometimes 7am EST which throws the routine off a bit) and am out and on my way for the day by 8:30.

The routine, if I can call it that because as I was writing I realized that it is a pretty flexible practice has made me happier, healthier and handsomer. Today I am adding a word of gratitude. I am literally going to add a word at the end of my post each day to remind myself of my blessings.

Make Today Routinely Remarkable,


Gratitude –  My beloved

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