I usually believe that impatience is a virtue. It fits with my severe action bias and imperfectionist tendencies. I usually feel that patience means inaction and that it ensures that important stuff won’t get completed. It also serves the status quo. My impatience has served me fine.

But today I am waiting for some news  that is completely outside my span of control and not being patient is causing me anxiety and stress. When I am in control (if that is every really true) I am usually stressed around patient people. I have counted the seconds and minutes for the past two hours. I have tried to make time speed up by going for a run (those 30 minutes seemed to zip by) but here I sit waiting for another hour to tick tock away and I might still not have the news I am waiting for.

I can’t focus on reading, writing or even watching an episode of “Hell on Wheels”. Every few seconds I find my mind wandering to the tick tock of the clock.  Is this a lesson I need to learn or just something to get through, for today? I suppose I will know more when   finally get the news. Tick, tick, tick


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