Saturday Morning

Most Saturdays when we are home I have a few responsibilities; laundry, bedding vacuuming and some grocery shopping. I cam do all of them, not really well but they do get done and I can move on. I don’t ‘like’ doing any of them but I do them anyway. I get everything done as quickly as possible and the fell the freedom to truly enjoy the rest of Saturday.

During the week, I often don’t enjoy things that I have been anticipating because I didn’t get something done that I should have done. When I have a list and tackle it early, I feel refreshed and often accomplish way more than the list. When I get more done there is somehow more time to do ‘fun’ stuff.

Mark Twain said ” Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day” I suggest that getting all the frogs on your plate cleaned up ensures that you will have a great day. You will feel good about yourself, good about your accomplishments and ready to take on something of great challenge.

Get your laundry, bedding and vacuuming done and then watch for something remarkable that the world offers you.

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