For many people I know, rest is elusive. They run from early morning to late night trying to complete a long list of tasks that someone else created. Or they lay down and turn on their worrier and sleep retreats. I go through seasons of rest lessness but for the most part I still fall into slumber quickly and rise at 5am feeling refreshed.

Stubbornness is my secret. I lay down at night wiggle and turn once or twice and then ‘decide’ that I am comfortable. I consciously do not move. I don’t let wayward nerve endings trick me into scratching. I deny that my hip is sore and persist in laying still. All the while I am bringing my awareness to silencing my brain and body. I usually start with my feet and rarely make it to my head. I bring awareness to my toes and relax them, the bottom of my feet, top, ankles, calves, knees (this is a trouble spot so I hope I have drifted before then, my thighs, waist and keep going until the relaxation and stubbornness wins out.

If I awaken in the night and nature isn’t calling, I take “another kick at the can” and if sleep is still needed I never get above my ankles before I am back into a dream. I don’t give up on resting, I know that I am my best when I have given myself over to the natural rhythm of rest, rise, recreate, reap, relationships and rest.

Rest Today,


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