Apps for Hacking Your life

I was working with a client on Monday morning and recommending some apps that I use on my Android ; RunKeeper, Noom Coach, Domingo and Coach.me and realized that these tools help me be successful in achieving my goals. (Update from the beginning of the month goals, run 100 k – 111K, 2 Spanish lessons a day – 60 day streak, 25 minutes screen free in peak hours – 20/30 days, maintain weight -2 pounds, write everyday – done,  and I also dropped my 5k time by 2 minutes). The tools are helpful but without the app running in my head and heart – Commitment, the Android apps would just have become ignored alarms and notifications.


For me Commitment is almost the Merimam-Webster snapshot;A promise to do or give something and/or a promise to be loyal to someone or something and/or the attitude of someone who works very hard to do or support something.  Gulp, now I really need to think through the goals I am setting and how I can promise and be loyal to them. The success this month with the tools was that all the goals were doable, with a small stretch. I could easily measure my progress and take a moment to celebrate the milestone and then set another doable goal for October.

If you are interested the October goals in the categories I am disclosing are 5k <27 minutes, run new long distance 15k, run 115K in October, maintain weight at 170, love life, 90 day streak on Duolingo, write blog daily and write 1500 words in book draft, spend 2 1/2 hours of quality time a week with each of the people I love.

If it sounds like I am harping about commitment, it is probably because I a committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Be Blessed through this amazing fall,


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