What Do You Do With Leftovers?

When you prepare a big meal or buy too much takeout what do you do with the leftovers? Are you diligent in making sure that the last piece of chicken and broccoli gets eaten? Do you just toss them because you know you won’t get back to them before they go bad? Do you have great intentions to make something new from what was left and what you have in your cupboard?

What about your big ideas and big plans? Are there leftovers at the end of the day, the project? Where are you storing them; in a journal, on a list in your head? Just like some leftovers from the Chinese takeaway, some ideas aren’t worth holding onto but there are likely some delicious bits that have the potential to be added to another plan and something interesting and different created. If you aren’t strong the unused thoughts and goals somewhere, I am afraid the loose threads fray and they eventually find their way to the bin even if we aren’t aware that they have been tossed.


I am really good at synthesizing ideas, even when they don’t fit and have seen some remarkable stuff get created but I too need a better system than the recipe cards in my head. I am going to apply some diligence using my Android and an app. Any suggestions for a quick, easy, voice recognition word processor that has a way of adding alerts to certain entries to remind me to come back to them?

Make Today Remarkable, by warming something up,



Horizons 4 – Future

th (2)I find this horizon the most exciting. Every day at sunset there is a moment, just after the sun disappears that there is a glow of hope what rebounds for a minute or so. I connect this with tomorrow and all the tomorrows. It brings me hope. I hope for a different future. A kinder much less ruthless tomorrow. A generous much less selfish tomorrow. A caring much less callus tomorrow.

As I observe my today’s, I see evidence of this coming. There are more3 and more people concerned with so much more than just their own self-interest. I read articles and have conversations about a more equitable place where we accept responsibility for ourselves, our families and our communities. I think about a technological breakthrough that helps make these things possible. Tomorrow the world is different from today, everything is changing and within a few years we will all experience an earthshaking, paradigm shifting change.

I imagine a world where our systems have changed so that we don’t recognize them. Government is really by and for the people. Education builds better citizens. Healthcare prompts self care and healthier habits rather than disease management. The limited liability casino we call the stock market is gone and has been replaced by a value adding trading system built on trust rather than security (insecurity). There is no doubt all these changes are going to cause a disruption but if we hold onto the hope of tomorrow, we will all make it to the new world.

I am taking some time to expound on the Future Horizon elsewhere so if this optimism and hope interests you, let me know.

Make Tomorrow Remarkable,



Hotizons 3 – Today

Between the sunset and sunrise we see the glow of memories fading into one horizon and the hope of our tomorrows promising a different way. As we narrow our peripheral vision, we observe and live out the only time we are sure about – today; the present. In the here and now, we have choices, either socially constructed or of our on devices. The options we choose and the consequences that arise shaped both past recollection and future impressions. I choose to looking at today as a gift, with no apologise and nor regrets necessary.  I get to make the most of my opportunities and challenges. But I am looking for a better world. One that is more generous, more equitable, less corrupt and less partisan. So in the space between yesterday and tomorrow, what can I do to nurture the world I desire and optimistically believe is somewhere over tomorrow’s horizon?

th (2)

I strive to be part of an uprising. Not a call to arms, not even a call to placards and barricades but rather a call to ideas, conversation, debate and sharing, Today I share my ideas about a better world here, and a in podcast and on periscope and if you run into me in person. I hope that you add to the conversation, debate the ideas and share the thesis. I also set out to share me with the world. My energy, my resources, my caring, my love, – me,

Today is a blessing. Tomorrow – I move to Horizons 4 – Future

Make Today Remarkable,



Horizons 2 – Past

As the  planet rotates my yesterday recedes over the eastern horizon following the other 22280 yesterdays. My memories of yesterday seem crystal clear and last month’s remembrances carry a pretty accurate representation of the events, as I saw them. After a year, what I recall from a vague period or a specific date is likely clouded by the ‘time in between’ as much as what neurons are firing in my brain. I have written about what I ‘vividly’ recall about where I was on 9/11 and November 23, 1963 but recognize that there is a lot of unintentional fabrication based on my worldview, my learning, my desire, my ego and what those I love remember. History is so much a matter of perspective even if it is recorded in the moment. When I attempt to recapture a day, an hour, a moment out of the 32 million minutes I have lived it is inevitable that the surrounding snapshots influence the picture I am grasping to bring forward.

th (2)

Does it matter? If my recollection of any event that I was a part of is shaded emotionally or even blatantly different from someone else’s perspective, does it make it any less real? My faded recollections of a misremembered childhood hold joy, sadness, pride, embarrassment, astonishment, curiosity, fear, adventure, boredom, celebrations and challenges. The burden of proof for my memories lies in my heart and in my head and I’m not sure that any other measure is more accurate.

Tomorrow Horizons 3 – thinks about the window between the time that we see the first glow of the sun hitting our eastern horizon, at an acute angle through to the. Edge of black as the horizon disappears from our vision.

Make Today Remarkable by recalling a special memory,



Horizons 1

th (2)

An offshoot of reflection can be clarity or perceived clarity. Reflecting over the past months and encouraged by the uptake of specific ideas expressed here and elsewhere I am taking a deep breath and a minor risk to begin a four part exploration of our horizons. If you consider the past  as a horizon, where is it located? When I think about the past I look east even though the sun rises there because that is where the rotation of the earth takes the present moment. The present might offer an ad hoc view of two horizons and the future has me looking west, even though that is where I see the sunset ending today.

If we orient our horizons differently, we are likely to see a different possibility and/or reality.We may even discover that something we seek id hurtling towards us just out of site on our western horizon.

I am beginning to see a glow in the west(all the tomorrows) and a blurring in the east (all of my yesterdays). It gives me hope as someone disappointed in the status quo and current systems that there is a glow forming that is as yet unknown and maybe as yet undefined.

Tomorrow, I tackle the Past –  I hope you tune in.



Ten Years From Now

I heard a business leaders, last week, speaking about integrity and the exponential rate the world is changing. He said ” in the two hours we are in this room, the world has changed – we just don’t know how or understand what it means yet”, The speaker was a senior leader, the head of a multi billion dollar group of companies and a respected community member. I took his words to heart and have repeated them often over the past 7 days. I agree that there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in tomorrow and next week and next  year. I believe more will change more quickly than any of us are imagining.

But, I have decided I need to still hold on to a longer view. A north star navigation point whose gravity is pulling me towards the preferred tomorrow. I have begun with the question ” Where do I want to  be in 10 years?” As I am pondering this at the highest level I have been able to drop down and highlight some pretty specific goals. As a disclaimer – in 10 years (September 2025) I will be 70 years old married for 50 years with kids and grandkids. I currently live a comfortable but not extravagant life in Calgary, Alberta.

calendar 2025

  1. Running 5 days a week (30-40km total)
  2. Healthy, trim 170 pounds
  3. Writing every day
  4. Reading 2 books a week
  5. Spending 8 hours a week at the library
  6. Volunteering  at the zoo
  7. Adding value to non profit and for profit clients
  8. Hold hands with my beloved every day
  9. Significantly influence 1000 people a year
  10. Have a plan for the next 10 years (to September 2035)

I am sketching a visual representation of the highest, higher and mid level goals but these are what have developed at the 1 foot level.

Where do you want to be in 10 years.



Is Guilt a Wasted Tactic?

When you feel guilty does it motivate you? If you carry guilt around does it change how you act? Does it matter if someone else is laying on the quilt or if you are creating it?

Most things we feel guilty about  don’t deserve the effort. If you don’t cook one night but instead order pizza, don’t sweat it. If you miss one personal deadline, cut yourself some slack. If you sleep in two mornings rather than getting up for a workout, it is okay.

If you lie once , to gain a personal advantage, maybe you should feel a twinge. If you lie constantly will guilt help you become truthful? If your actions are intentionally hurtful or your words intentionally mean spirited, I don’t want to be around you and you should look tired from a lack of quality sleep.

I am not sure guilt compels us to act differently. If the action conforms with our world view and approach to life, it is likely a waste of the effort. If we do, say or compel something that is out of character then that niggling voice can bring us back in alignment.

I do things that I am proud of every week. I do things that make me feel guilty every week. It isn’t a balancing exercise but being aware of the motivation and consequences might tip my week towards things I am proud of.

Make Today Remarkable, by being observant,




I am an archaeologist. Or at least that is how I justify my clutter on my desk and shelves. I can locate any document by digging through the layers and using my time dated, history approach. If I receive something, anything in print, that I imagine has future value I put it in one of 4 piles – my categories are mine and work for me but likely no one else. Pile 1 – Read Later, Pile 2 – Hold for Confirmation, Pile 3- Follow up, Pile  4 –  Security. I am not going to explain what constitutes Security because the system only works for me.

I have undertaken, on more than one occasion to set up a better system but have resorted to the dig and find it approach. My email and social media are quite the opposite. I diligently ensure that every stream s. managed and filed, every email is read and filed before my day ends. I can access everything I need from anywhere in the world by locating the right folder.

The rest of my life feels a bit cluttered and I’m wondering if any our readers who also use a clutter system or clutter free system have any suggestions.

Your assistance, comments would be greatly appreciated,



The Smallest Change

What is small? Is 5% small? Is 1%? How small can something be and still make a change? Would you use .35% of your day to begin to change your health, happiness, attitude?


The ‘5  Minute Solution’ will be the pebble that causes a ripple across your pond and as you practice it the ripple becomes a small splash and has the potential to turn into a wave. (1440 minutes in a day 5 minutes + .347%) Schedule a 5 minute walk, breathe deeply for 5 minutes, take in your surroundings and shut out the noise of your day. Don’t think about work just observe the sky, the flowers, the clouds, the air. 5 minutes at 14:19 will  refresh, invigorate and put a smile on your face.

What if you did the ‘5 Minute Solution’ four times a day. At 08:19 read something silly for 5 minutes, at 14:19 go for a 5 minute walk, at 17:19 sit quietly for 5 minutes and listen to your breath, take 5 minutes, in front of a mirror and smile at yourself at 20:19. 4×5 minutes is about 1% of your day. Are you willing to try this for 8 days and observe what happens to your attitude, happiness and health?

The ‘5 Minute Solution’ is a time tested practice ( I tried it for two weeks, so not exactly  pure science, but what is?) that I am sure will offer value to your days and improve your relationships.

Make Today Remarkable, 5 minutes at a time,



Eating Well, Doing Well

I don’t have many regrets – most are that I didn’t start … earlier in my life. Reading, writing, provoking, running and eating better are all on that list. I can’t go back in time to my 30’s and reboot so I am making the best of my 60’s. It is way harder to cultivate the new practice if something contrary has been the norm for 30 years.  For the past 8 months I have been food conscious: aware of the nutritional value, quality and caloric count of most everything I am putting into my body. Awareness has helped me feel so much better, lifted my energy levels, and helped me shed 25 lbs. If I had practiced food awareness or time management or exercise enjoyment through the ‘busy’ years (my 30’s, 40’s and 50’s) I wouldn’t have needed to work so hard to develop these higher order habits in this decade and I would have had the joy and benefits of being more widely read, passionate about writing and reduced stress and worry.

I don’t know what your goals are but my advice is to not wait 30 years to start them. Don’t wait 1 year. Not 1 month. Not even 1 day. Start today and repeat tomorrow.

I have food an app called Noom Coach really helpful in food awareness. Duolingo keeps me learning. BlogEnergizer keeps me writing. Coach.me keeps me running. I am sure there are tools that will work for you.

Make Today Remarkable, by starting a new habit,