One Thing at a Time

I saw a placard recently that said ” No Christmas Decorations before December 1″. October 2nd with Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween, American Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day ahead of us this seemed like a reasonable request.

It got me thinking about how easy it is to gloss over/through important events and opportunities with an eye to a future event. We are leaving for California in 3 months and I admit that lots of my kinetic energy has been pointed towards the ‘escape’. I have 5 family birthdays, 2 big celebrations and Christmas festivities ahead and I need to be present I deserve to enjoy and embrace each event, every day.

Relationships and mindfulness are intertwined if we are intentional in making them so. I can be fairly oblivious about today if I have a shiny squirrel drawing my attention elsewhere.

Make Today Remarkable, by being mindful,


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