What is Your Favorite Kitchen Tool?

Do you have a gadget drawer, cupboard, closet? Is your counter covered with ‘cool’ appliances and devices? Do you use the regularly? Rarely? Never?

I have purchased a few and have been gifted a few but the novelty wore off on so many of them. Some worked well and wore out and have never been replaced. I found other ways to  do the same thing. Some didn’t turn out to be what they were advertised to be and some did exactly as advertised but didn’t make sense after a few uses.

I have a trusty Braun plunge blender that becomes more versatile every time I use it. It was initially only a go to for blending soups and sauces in pots on the stove. I have started using it to create some interesting concoctions like shakes and slurpies and it seems to have potential for some pretty exotic adult beverages.

I am still susceptible to a late night infomercial or a fairground pitch man but am finding ways to use some old faithfuls in new ways. Such is the rhythm of life. Do you have any kitchen favorites? office? gym? Are you learning that old dogs can learn new tricks or have you found a new pup that is trained pretty well?

Make Today Remarkable, by making something


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