I usually keep apathy at bay. She rears her head in the face of tragedy when I feel insignificant. He claws at my legs when everything seems out of my control. It drills into my brain when I listen to electioneering. “Why should I care? What can I do?” Apathy shrill.

Most days a quick swat or a kick dislodged the voice and the thoughts and opens up hope and possibility. The Canadian Federal election (62/77 days) has become obscene, disheartening and offensive. Even in the midst of these strong emotions, I hear so many say ” I am not going to bother voting” – and I understand, sympathize and agree. How will the world be different on October 20? How can my one vote change anything? It can’t really but giving in doesn’t seem a viable option either. I saw a chart last week that showed the probability that more Canadians who are eligible to vote will stay away than twill vote for a specific political party.

I will vote because it keeps the bastard apathy at bay, because I can’t let myself join the disenfranchised when my ancestors worked so hard for me to get it and mostly because if I cast my ballot I can legitimately complain over the next four years.

Sometimes stubbornness is the way to the other side.

Make Today Remarkable, by kicking apathy’s butt,


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