Going Through the Motions

Lethargy, inertia, torpor, indolence, lassitude, listlessness… – there seems to be a lot of words to describe waning motivation. Maybe it is health; low iron, low blood sugar,  or illness. Maybe it is diet; too much protein – too little, too many carbs, too many sweets, too much alcohol or just too much. Maybe it is the season; a memory of autumn that draws you down, a realization that another year is slipping away, a relentless schedule or big changes in your life. Maybe it is mental illness; too little serotonin uptake, brain chemistry out of whack or a long running script that erodes confidence.

If motivation and excitement have left, it is important to work through the possibilities to discover what is zapping your energy so that you can take action to reduce the impact or eliminate the cause. I am not a medical doctor or psychologist but recommend that you find some help in your research and diagnosis. Our days are busy and seem to be getting busier. There doesn’t seem to be any relief in the near future. We deserve to feel at our best and have a responsibility to be our best. Reaching out recognizes both and is the mature  (yet difficult) thing to do.

Make Today Better on your way to remarkable,


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