Self Portaiture

The vanities of the selfies, even those who practice with utmost humility, is boundless. (a complete paraphrase /ripoff of Eric Hoffer)

Technology is not doubt changing our world. It is reducing distance, increasing opportunity, and invading all aspects of our world. It is changing how we are able to see our world, what we see in our world and what we remember about our world. It is influencing how we connect with loved ones, how we connect with friends and how we connect with strangers (even strange strangers). It is also changing how we see ourselves or at least how we see ourselves in reference to some external celebrity standard.


I am not going to say that there is something pathological about the selfie trend but the phenomenon has swept across the world and there must be something interesting in the mind of someone who takes thousands of selfies or can’t have an experience that they haven’t framed themselves in multiple times. It seems that they don’t exist or the experience isn’t happening unless they hold up their smartphone. (is it really a phone if all you use it for is social media, pictures and texts?)

I worry that we are all missing what is really happening around us and/or missing the opportunity to interpret the events of our lives when we are connected by a wifi umbilical to our devices. I worry even more when we start to see our world and ourselves through such a small frame.

Make Today Remarkable, by listening to the birds sing,


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