Weather Agnostic

I heard Suzanne West @IAmSuzanneWest speak at WPC event in Calgary yesterday. I can’t do justice to her Paradigm Shifting workshop, suffice to say I have a list of roadblocks that are now my guide to making my Big Idea happen.


Suzanne talked about how her mom’s mood is connected to how warm and sunny it is (28 degrees and sunny is the very best mood( my perfect conditions are sunny and 20 degrees)). She said that she has become weather agnostic. She bikes, runs and dog walks regardless of conditions and only changes what she needs to wear. She seems to go through her day with an infectious optimistic sunny disposition even when it is cloudy and cold.

I have blamed SAD for my moodiness but for me I may be putting the cart before the horse. Maybe I am bitchy and use the weather to ‘justify’ it. I am taking a new tact today and accepting temperature, precipitation, sunshine, wind as an opportunity to explore and adapt my approach to the day.

I wonder how many other externalities are causing limiting believes in my life. Most of the stressors that impact me are outside my span of control and their impact is mostly my interpretation and reaction to the situation. I get to choose how all these things affect my day.

What limits your possibilities and impacts your mood?

Make Today Remarkable, because you can,


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