Alone or in a Group?

I spent a large portion of this week in rooms with 300 to 1600 people. I am pretty good at ‘working’ a room and having interesting conversations. I can move from on group to another and pick up the social norms and dynamic of the discussion, contribute and then excuse myself and join another conversation. It seems seamless but it is  exhausting. I present as an extrovert and in some ways I am one – I process information outside my head, I am comfortable speaking my opinion into a conversation and I can draw the spotlight if necessary. It doesn’t energize me. I watch friends and colleagues who don’t appear to move from one discussion to another become enlivened by the group dynamic. It is like they are drawing energy and confidence from the large interaction. They go away smiling and bouncing. I most often go away drained and disoriented looking for some solitude – a long walk, a run, a good book to reboot my circuits.

I am grateful for a relatively quiet weekend to recharge for another week of events and meetings.

Make Today remarkable, alone or with a group – whatever works for you,


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