Thankful and Thinkful

From a 6 year old post on Grammarphopia 

The etymological appendix at the end of my dictionary suggests that “think” and “thank” are related. It has taken me a long time to connect my thinking and my thanking, especially to think before I thank, and thank before I think.

Thinking about Thanksgiving here in Canada and whether I am thinkful about being thankful. Do I take for granted my blessings? Do I recognize how gratitude can bring more gratefulness to my mind? Can I express my appreciation from a heartfelt and head felt space?

I am grateful for so much stuff outside my control – where I was born, my privilege, my beloved, my faith, my health and by abilities. I am in awe around those things that I have in my life that I make a small contribution towards – opportunities, relationships, health, prosperity, knowledge and faith.

Mostly I am thankful that I can be thinkful. On a day when I ran a personal best in the Alzheimers Run, it ways heavy on my heart that there are thousands who are having pieces cut out of their lives; memories of life, loved ones and lessons learned. I ‘fear’ the possibility that that could be in my future but relish the opportunity to make new memories today with family and friends and trust that they will hold them even when I can’t.

Make Today a Remarkable Adventure,


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