The Wind at My Back

Two great runs the last couple of days – fastest time and longest distance. It feels great to be moving along with momentum, charging ahead with a friendly breeze at my back. I have a birthday this week and looking ahead, I worry that the wind might blow me past some remarkable goals (that I haven’t set). Am I missing out and sailing along when I don’t have any new goals ahead of me? Can I still run faster, farther? Can I still learn new valuable skills? Can I continue to add remarkable value to the world? Of course I can and will. But I realize that just as I set goals for this weekends runs ( I planned for both and worked of them for  2 months), I need to be laying out 100 day markers to my remarkable 1000 day goals – again.

I am going to spend this week dreaming, evaluating, stretching and launching into the next season. I plan to kickoff the next 1000 day goal set next Saturday while volunteering at Illuminasia, a spectacular event at the Calgary Zoo.

How are you planning for your tomorrows?


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