Bernadette Jiwa published a new book ” Meaningful” and since   I have been following her blog “The Story of Telling” for many months and have read a couple of titles, I ordered a copy. When I receive my copy and have had a chance to read it, I will write a followup post here.

In the mean time and post Thanksgiving, I am pondering what is meaningful in my life. I have been blessed with stuff, privilege and interesting opportunities but the things that really have meaning are experiences and relationships. Memories capture the fragments of experiences and relationships glue the pieces together. Spending time with my grandmother and cousins when I was 9 or 10 has provided rich fodder for remarkable recollections (true but I.m not sure they happened) and important lessons that are still valid in my life.

Forty years together pours experiences like a fire hose and add in kids and travelling and the incidents and episodes start to merge into a select amalgam until another current experience brings focus and clarity and resonance.

All the stuff of today; houses, cars, clothes, books, treasures fade and lose their appeal and allure but drawing from the adventures and ordeals of a life shared get fuller and richer as they arise from the recesses. Life is meant to be experienced with others we love.

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Make Today Remarkably Adventurous,


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