Is your consumption conspicuous? Do you wear designer labels and have a designer car? Is it important to be wearing/driving the best and be seen wearing/driving the best? Or is your production conspicuous? Do you produce amazing results that are widely recognized? Is doing good work important?  Is being recognized for your work important? I am not judging how you add value or find value in your life. It is just that I have become acutely aware that ‘flying under the radar’  works very well  for some people. They seem to succeed without needing accolades and applause. In fact they avoid the spotlight and reflect credit onto others. This admirable characteristic may be the trend we will see over the next 20 years if luxury designers and producers are ahead of the curve. Many high priced quality products and conspicuous in the absence of labels and trademarks. The user knows the quality and if you do too or don’t doesn’t matter. It is becoming a private rather than public statement. Subtlety rather than garish seems to be earning a foothold.


What does this say about human behaviour? Human status and power? Is this sincere or faux modesty?  Can we appear more egalitarian without actually practicing equity?

My confession would be that I am addicted to the spotlight – I write therefore I am. I run so I can talk about running. I read so I can discuss books. I work hard so …

Damn, more personal reflection is likely going to cause a change.


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