There are Consequences

There are real consequences to our individual and collective action and inaction. Regardless whether you are a pre teen student or the government of the United States, every decision to act or not act has consequence. Sometimes the result is good, in the short term, great in the long term sometimes there is calamity and disaster. The impact may be causal or corollary. You may not know immediately or not at all. That is why consideration for how my actions impact others is so important. Consideration may be more important than the actual decision. If I  consider how my support, words, choices,  intentions may cause joy or harm to others, the opportunities change. Without stopping for a millisecond, a month, a year I just plow ahead oblivious or worse uncaring.

If the person who cut me off or didn’t let me merge had acted differently, if I had held the door, if I held my tongue, if I spoke up, if I bought organic … There isn’t a magic elixir that will allow you to see all the impacts or make mostly positive decisions but the practice of recognizing that we cause unexpected side effects makes our relationships better and makes us better.

Make Today Remarkable, by considering,


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