Very Civil Disobedience

Don’t do anything I tell you to do. I recognize the absurd impossibility in that statement but I believe it is time for a tiny bit of rebellion. For the next four days I am challenging you to join me in some VCD (see title). I would live to have it become part of your ongoing philosophy and practice and that you think, talk, try as a daily habit. But just for the next few days lets shake up the party.


Every day in every way, I am tacitly and implicitly told how to live my life. What shampoo to use, what car to drive, when it is safe to try something new, who to vote for, what I should think. For most, the temptation to surrender to the dangerous din is impossible to resist and they fall into the mire of mediocrity, absolving themselves of personal responsibility rather than involving themselves in collective change.

I am a minor rebel. I walk against red (when it is safe) and think that I am Baaaaaad. I am an anti-starbuckian who gets my caffeine fix from a local and less ‘popular’ shop, I listen to music that others find abrasive, I read commentary that I disagree with and I say things that provoke (if not offend). I break little rules every day.

When I recognize that I am being told not to do something I usually consider giving it a try. Our mayor, Mayor Nenshi said “he was disappointed that Uber was launching without the City (read Big Brother’s) consent” because it might be unsafe (hear fear tactic) so I used my Uber account an took a free ride home (free because of launch in YYC).

The opposite of courage is conformity. Don’t conform for just four days. Find your Uber moment or your Don’t Walk moment or …today. If you struggle with this, take heart that you are in the majority but also know that the sun is till shining on the other side of your choices.

Make Today Remarkable, by being disruptive,


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