Five Small Acts of Rebellion

Again, Don’t do anything I tell you to do. Thinking about my dissatisfaction with the state of affairs causes me to plot out very civil acts of disobedience; nothing monumental burt unbelievably satisfying. Here are five acts you can take this weekend.

  1. Not  paying for parking when you know you’ll only be ten minutes or twenty
  2. Sneaking a few extra items through the ten items or less line at the supermarket
  3. Not just eating dessert before dinner, but eating dessert INSTEAD OF dinner
  4. Turn your cellphone on before flight attendant gives you permission
  5. Have a private boycott of a business that has treated you or someone you know badly.

Make up your own rebellion. Stand your ground. Don’t cause harm but don’t give in. Test your mettle today, tomorrow and Monday.

Make Very Civil Disobedience your mantra,


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