Election Day in Canada

I have been asking young people, 10 to 17 year olds, how they would vote in the election if they had a chance. I figure  that regardless of the results, nothing changes in my life on October 20. The next generation may see the ramifications of the outcome but living in a global community means that the variables are too complex as to be decided by a few million people.

Yesterday a 10 year old said ” If you are completely satisfied with the government, then your decision is easy. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you have to make a decision.” I am much less than satisfied but the decision isn’t easy. I have been lead to believe that I should distrust the other possibilities. I’m not sure if I arrived at that conclusion through discernment and reflection or after being inundated with messaging that would make a behavioural scientist blush.

Everyone that I talked to over the past couple of months has had some emotion about the election. They were either frightened by the ‘fear tactics’, excited by the possibility, or disgusted that they may need to hold their nose and vote for the best of the worst. Media hasn’t been helpful because journalism flew out the window in favor of opinion and bias. Social media has been filled with hate and vitriol.

Polls open where I am and I will be waiting to vote at 7:30 am. I know how I am not voting but I am not completely sure where the X will get placed. I can play it ‘safe’ but that doesn’t seem to be what democracy is supposed to be. I could be strategic but that requires a clothespin over my nose. I could choose to spoil the ballot but that seems pointless.

My only hope for this day is that at the end of the counting more than 65% of eligible electors exercise the franchise that we are privileged to have.  Vote Today, as you choose, but Vote Today.


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