Fall is in the Air

I think autumn is my favorite season. I like the warmth of summer and the length of the days. Spring is full of promise and freshness. Crispness and cleanness are part of winter for me. But Fall has great light and amazing air. The scents of fall are unique (even though I have been sneezing a lot this year). I breathe deeply in the autumn. I am reminded to slow down and take in the colors and the reflections and the angles of sunlight through the trees. I take time to breathe in during this time of year.

Untitled design (2)

Breathing deeply helps me pause and reflect on the challenges we faced over the past few months, the opportunities that were presents and the possibilities of tomorrow. I am not a good meditator (or mediator for that matter). My mindfulness wanders to the next destination but I can appreciate the present if I let this season infiltrate all my senses. When I am observant, on the journey, I become aware of things I would likely have missed if I had rushed headlong towards the destination.

I saw a lot of the season and pathways from the seat of a bike this week and was thrilled to see so many others out enjoying the weather and celebrating their lives.

Make Today Remarkable, by celebrating fall,


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