Where do the Haters Come From?

I have read a couple of articles this month on the demise of Twitter. Both really talk about the decline of courtesy on the platform. Any tweet can spur vitriol and derision. Most of the anonymous chatter is illogical and can be chalked up to trolls and ogres but the article authors suggest that there has been a shift in tone over the past year. Did Twitter give anger a home? Did twitter expose us to incessant conversation and provoke the insults and obscenity? Did Twitter attract the vicious because it was easy to sin on and stir up sh*t?

I continue to block, unfriend, unfollow and ignore those who make slanderous comments or post what I see  as illogical or obscene posts. My personal amendment is too choose whose conjectures and opinions  I read and consider. So far this has worked for me and I haven’t gotten too worked up. There are a few instances a month that I need to use restraint and not join the fray and fall into the trap being laid by haters. Since July, I haven’t commented or responded without consideration for how the words would impact others and reflect on me.

Decorum and courtesy may be naive and nostalgic and even highly personal but we do need to figure out how to balance debate with dignity, passion with politeness, and rebutting and respect.

Always remember that others may hate you but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself. ~ Richard Nixon

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