Are We All Going Crazy?

How important is social media, really? I know, I have a platform and I can express my self and my creativity and sometimes engage with others but does it really make a difference. If I have 8000, 10,000 or 100,000 Twitter followers, does it make me a better person? If someone I admire accepts my Friend request, is my life or theirs improved? Can I ‘cultivate’ and nurture hundreds of LinkedIn contacts? Does any of it make a difference?

I don’t know the answer. Some days I imagine thousands of people reading this blog or posts on other sites. ( The highest daily readership was 2000 and average is 65). I am optimistic that someone will read one of the posts and it will make a small change in their lives. My delusions of grandeur hope that a monumental change will rise from a prompt or challenge that I issued. But do we hold onto anything if we are being bombarded with everything? Can the stream of social media be slowed enough so that relationship value can be gained? Does anyone who hears our ‘ shouts’ act on the challenges? Am I addicted to the idea that someone is listening? Again, I don’t know the answer.

I can point to case studies of successful campaigns and draw correlations between posts and change but am stretching reason if I think it is causal or conclusive. Yet, I continue to pound away, gather followers and ship a post, a few tweets, some retweets, FB snippets and linked in articles almost every day. Am I going crazy?


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