In Alberta, where I live, the newly elected government is delivering their first budget. During the campaign they made numerous promise – like all political parties. Now we get to hear how the will honour those promises.


It go me thinking about other pledges, guarantees and commitments. I hope and expect the new Finance Minister to keep the promises made, as best as he can in light of current economic circumstances. I also rely on the warranty/guarantee that GM made on our Chev two years ago. My new glasses have an unconditional replacement clause. I have a work contract and some ‘understood’ agreements. I pledged my love 40 years ago. I promised to be a good grandfather.

There is an implicit assurance that I will do my best work. I have a covenant with God because of my faith practice. I have sworn oaths and done pinky swears (of sorts). How am I doing in keeping my word. I would say mostly. Is mostly good enough? Are some promises more important than others? If one contradicts another – how do I reconcile both? Have you made a pledge and then didn’t/couldn’t make good on it?

There are so many times that a tacit commitment is made that goes beyond contractual obligations. In the new world of social media, is gossip a betrayal of confidence or allegiance? If my mostly was good enough yesterday, is it good enough today? Is a mostly from the Finance Minister the best that I can expect?

As always, your thoughts are appreciated,


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