And Another Thing

Another thing that I don’t get is the zealousness with which some people celebrate October 31.  Well obviously not the date but the event associated with the date. We have neighbours who begin decorating their home with webs, pumpkins, skulls, tombstones and crows, rats and ghouls before Canadian Thanksgiving. Yesterday there were hundreds of cheerleaders, minions, ghosts, mad hatters and nursery Rhyme characters working 9-5 jobs in downtown Calgary.  For two days there have been parties taking place in bars and clubs with thousands of costumed merrymakers. (OK maybe I am beginning to understand) This was a kid’s event when I was growing up and I didn’t really get it then but I can’t imagine how helicopter parents can take the bubble wrap off their precious kiddies and send them out to beg for candy door to door.

The cultural phenomenon has become a $7 Billion industry according to Retail Food Federation. In an era of quasi concern about nutrition how have we found ourselves spending the annual  equivalent of $2.5 Trillion on junk food that is mostly consumed in 24 hours? Just considering the ‘ waste’ should have all of us cringing but we seem to be so desperate for something frivolous to connect with that this meaningless mass costume party has resonated.  (I think I see the appeal of the harmless hysterical hysteria)

Maybe we do need an annual mass event that allows all of us to choose to act foolish and gorge on sugar as an act of defiance towards doctors, dentists and our diet.  I don’t really understand the overboard, overblown approach to it all but just typing this short post has offered a glimpse of why we might need it.

Make Today Remarkable,  by joining the big party,


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