Hope is in The Air

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Where does hope come from? My head? My heart? My faulty logic? Some survival strategy? I am not sure how hope manifests but I am sure that as I observe it, it becomes infectious, viral and creative . Can I just keep my dim eyes open and wait for hope to walk across my path or am I charged with some responsibility to seek the hopeful moments, situations and individuals who are occupying my small piece of the world? I do a bit of both, chase and wait. When I am active in my pursuit more hope awaits me and having more hope confirms the next incident or  re-frames the situation from tragic to something  better. The world offers us joy, opportunity, challenge and renewal as and when they are needed. Accepting the gift and accepting responsibility for their stewardship is a powerful and enriching experience. Don’t let it slide by without grabbing hold. Hold tight and make the moments last. You will be better, your world would be better and the future for all of us will be better.

Unfortunately, many are watching for  and pursuing despair and distrust as a shield. They see pain and look for more. They hear a lie and stop believing. They have their  worldview confirmed because the object of their quest is hopelessness.

For regular readers, you know I believe we a hundreds of choices that we don’t often exercise or even consider. Choosing to seek and find hope is another choice. My challenge for November is to have us all watch for hope and chase it with passion. Are you up to joining me?

Today I see hope in the  Halloween pictures on Face Book of my grandchildren and the telephone conversation about the future of Canada with my mother.

Make This Month Hopeful,


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