I Choose Hope Again Today

Some people call this naïve. I call it hope. And it takes plenty of courage.

It takes much less courage to accept defeat by choosing cynicism. Giving up on yourself, your family and your community festers in the cynical (and no more real) approach to any problem.

The common problem that we face – Climate Change- has its share of cynics. Both those who are cynical that it exists at all and those who are cynical because they believe we are irreparably screwed.  My hopeful position is that we are in fact contributing to the changing climate. What our contribution is I am not sure. The dire predictions of our future seem unrealistic through my lens and so I aspire to see a collective shift and breakthrough that reverses the trends. My hopefulness believes that human ingenuity will help the planet restore her balance and something we haven’t imagined will arise.

My tendency is to lean towards hope in most situations. I can envision a better outcome and trust a as yet unimagined solution will arise. Is this willful blindness? I don’t believe so. It is me courageously sharing my hope with others and trusting in its power. The lense of hope brings a new view with all manner of new opportunities, If we all express our hope, the collective view begins to shift and a new world order will find a foothold.

Do you have enough courage to express your hope?

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