Hope is the Key

Hope will unlock the cage. It is the key. Despair, depression, distress, cynicism are bars to moving forward and hope unlocks the prison. Hope is waiting for you to seek her so she can manifest herself in you.

These four steps, from Dr Alexander Lloyd aren’t exactly my prescription  but they have worked for hundreds of his clients who are caged by distress  caused by worry.

  1. Remember 10 things that you have worried about in the past that never happened.  Write them down.  That’s step one.
  2. Next, just write down under that, “there is a 90+% chance that the worst outcome will not happen according to statistics.  The thing I’m worried about will not happen according to statistics 90+% chance it won’t happen.
  3. Instead of worrying and creating the memories that are interpreted by your heart as the negative thing already having happened, which programs you to go in that direction of failure, imagine the positive outcome happening.  Imagine the best possible response.  Imagine God intervening and causing good things to happen instead of the bad.  Imagine multiple events all like a long string of dominos, occurring to bring you a better outcome than you can see now.  Really experience that and envision it.
  4. By focusing on the positive and not the negative.  It keeps your body in peace.  If you’re in a positive place you do not go into fight or flight which is stress mode.  That means you’re not dumbed down.  You do not come at everything from a negative perspective.  You can come at things from a positive perspective.  And, your energy is not drained.  You can have the energy to do something about it.  This is doing something about it.

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