Hope versus Fear

Hope can quell fear or at least hold it at bay. This week we celebrate Remembrance Day, not to glorify war or death, but to honour those whose hope for a safer, better world took them across seas to stand along others who were hoping for freedom from tyranny and oppression. I have my own fears; nothing like those that our soldiers overcame but fears nonetheless. Hope helps me rise above the uneasiness, the anxiousness, the panic and impels me to move  forward. When I fix my mind on the preferred future, it gets closer and while not easily in reach it begins to feel attainable.

Hope can be your first step and your second step and by the time you take the third you are on the journey towards your goal. The momentum that comes after the third step is usually enough to keep me running, plodding and stumbling forward but if I slow and come to a stop I once again fix my eyes on the hope of a better world and take another first step.

Make Today Remarkable, by fixing your eyes on hope,


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