What Happened November 10, 1983?

It is known as Windows Day. Microsoft announces a new product, Windows, to compete with other graphical environments for computers, such as interface on the Apple Lisa. After several delays, Windows 1.0 finally became available to the public in 1985. Its major features included pull-down menus, tiled windows, mouse support, and cooperative multitasking of the program’s applications. Although Windows 1.0 saw some use, the Windows interface did not gain general acceptance until version 3.0.

Interestingly ComputerWorld announced today that Microsoft will patch Windows 10 today, but wait until Thursday to release the first feature upgrade for the OS, a security expert bet Monday.

Both 1983 and 2015 need to be shaded in HOPE. The initial launch hoped for acceptance and adoption and all of us are HOPING that the patches will clear out some obvious bugs in 10.  But can you imagine working somewhere where there is so much HOPE that they audaciously believe that ” if we create it, they will use it”. I don’t want to take HOPE down the naive path but it seems that naive and hope might run on parallel roads until a major decision is needed. HOPE needs to be the genesis for great ideas and remarkable outcomes. In between genesis and delta serious work is needed and between delta and omega discernment is necessary.

Be hopeful,


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