Hope in Something

We extend hope in something; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen, a feeling of trust. A better tomorrow for a new generation rises from a hope in our systems changing. A loving relationship that lasts a lifetime grows in the hope that our heart can’t speak. Individual liberty to pursue a passion and opportunity is a seed of hope that our mind enlarges. But…

But, hope doesn’t change our world or bring us a lover or do the work to create something new. Hope is the frame to view all this and much more. Through hope we see the lover in the distance and can race towards her. Hope allows us to work hard everyday at being a great partner so that we can live happily after. Hope’s frame is expansive and when things are good, she tells us it can be great. When great, hope whispers “it can be remarkable”. Hope is in our past reminding us of the amazing person we are sharing our life with and hope is in our future encouraging us to do more/be more for them and with them Hope says, usually loudly, ” in order to have a remarkable partner, you need to be a remarkable partner.” Hope will dissolve selfishness and create selflessness.

Today, November 11, I remember those who selflessly sacrificed for the hope of a better tomorrow that they never got to enjoy.


Make Today Remarkable, through hope,


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