A Programming Error

If you find yourself wallowing in despair, manufacturing cynicism, or dreading in depression and a run, a head shake, or a change of scenery (temporary) you may need to do a reboot. When you are running HOPE as your default program for the first few years, it may act a bit buggy and need a soft boot to get the algorithm that sees the positive working properly again. A soft boot can be a walk in a park, a stroll by the sea, a ride along a pathway can usually restart HOPE and set you back on track.

If a hard boot is required it takes 5 minutes. Sit down quietly away from distractions. Take out a pen and pencil. Write the names of 5 people that you love, beside each name identify one characteristic they possess that explains you love them. (2 minutes). Next write 5 things that you are extremely grateful for and beside identify in one word why you have gratitude. (2 minutes). Take one minute and read the two lists twice each. Hear your voice reading the names and reasons, the thanks and reasons. Now get up and head into whatever is facing you knowing that HOPE has rebooted and will help change your view of the situation and open you to as yet unimagined possibilities.

Make Today Hopeful,


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