Rome ne s’est pas faite en un jour.

November 15, 2016, the middle of Hope Month. I have had hopeful highs and seen hope manifest itself and it’s providence in front of my eyes. I have also struggled to see hope, especially in light of the terrorist acts in Beirut and Paris. But without hope I would have been dragged into the world of the radicalized who have no hope for a better world so they resort to victimization and violence. Radicalization or any form of cultism erases hope and replaces it with vengeance or mindlessness. Neither lead to happiness.

Today, it is more important than a week ago to seek hope and let her invade your life. Allow hope to help you see the reality but also encourage you that there are better times ahead. We need radical hope – hope not based in reason but hope that spills out of us and washed over everyone we encounter. Hope isn’t the way to success, prosperity, love – it is success, prosperity and love. Hope leads and chases. Become a hope chaser and embracer today. Pray for hope. Think about hope. Act in hope. Encourgae hope in everyone you encounter.

Make Today Hopeful,


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