The Smallest Things

I read an essay on Aeon this morning ” Engineering the Ocean”   abou how tiny plankton may be the solution to global warming. I am not a scientist but the solution that include increase the iron intake of plankton so it flourishes and consumes carbon and eventually dies sinking the C to the bottom of the sea. If it works and there seems to be evidence that it does/could it is elegantly simple.


How many times do we resist putting our hope in small actions, small solutions? My hope is that our individual in situ environmental efforts (as small an insignificant as they can seem) will help make a remarkable difference. Every can I  recycle, every light I turn off, every drop of water I conserve contributes to a tsunami of impact as millions join me in these small actions.

Every smile I exude, every door that I hold open, every protest I make, every dollar that I give generously makes a difference and if I am joined by hundreds or thousands, the force of hope rolls across a continent.

Take small actions today. Celebrate small commitments of others. Make a difference and watch hope blossom like the plankton bloom swallowing up the negative and dangerous.



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