How Far Can I Go?

Is it hope that let’s us try outrageous things? Can I aspire to be or do something audacious because of hope? Is there such a thing as rose coloured glasses?

Yes, Yes, Maybe.

If I set out to test my mettle this Saturday and run as many kilometers as possible in 12 hours, is that crazy? What if I ran for 30 minutes and rested for 30 minutes? Is 50k just insane? Am I pushing the outer limits of a 61 year old body that 8 months ago was 30 pounds heavier?

What if I started  this Saturday by seeing how far I can go in 3 hours? Did caution reign or is it still aspirational?

I am a hopeful guy. More so, after changes in the past year. Is it possible to be overly hopeful?

If you follow the stream of thought in this post you see hope battling caution battling cynicism and fear of humiliation. How many times have I/we given in before we even let hope carry us another few steps, days, laps?

I am hopeful that some of the readers here will leave a comment (hopeful comment) giving their opinion on my Saturday challenge.


Make Today Remarkable, by setting a hopeful outrageous goal,


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