National Child Day

November 20 is National Child Day in Alberta (across many other jurisdictions too) and the premise is;

National Child Day is celebrated annually to mark two historic events: the 1959 signing of the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989.

There are many reasons to celebrate children, but most of all because children deserve to be recognized as important members of our community.

  • All children have the right to an adequate standard of living, health care and to play.
  • All children have the right to express their views about things that affect them and to participate in communities, programs and services.
  • All children have the right to be protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination.

Children also bear the burden of tomorrow. So often I hear ” I am putting my hope in the next generation”. I too have great hope in children , I have great kids and remarkable grandkids but it seems irresponsible to throw our hands in the air. It is like saying ” we screwed up badly and hope you can fix the mess” without really accepting responsibility and trying to change things. The statement of faith in the next generation absolves us of doing everything in our power and ability to make things right.

Have hope in children and their future impact but also have hope that our individual and collective actions can leave them with a gift and blessing.


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