A Narrow Ray of Light

Imagine a child on a stage, trembling a bit, getting ready for their first recital, their first concert, their first spelling bee. The spotlight is on them, maybe literally but surely figuratively. Hope springs from their chest and they give the performance of their lives (in their eyes and their parent’s eyes, if all is well in their world).

A long walk home, late, on a cold winter night. The wind blowing snow and reducing visibility. A street light shines through and marks your path. The lifting of uneasiness is a hope response to a narrow ray of light.

We have seen light at the end of the tunnel, keeping a candle lit, the light bulb went on, and hundreds on light/dark metaphors in literature, movies, sacred text. Hope can be the light of truth, the light of safety, the light of possibility.


Turn on your hope light and let it shine for others,


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