Hope Opens a Window

Hope opens a window to other possibilities.  If I take a cynical view that what I/we have and what I/we do is the best that is possible in the situation or is good enough because of the circumstances then the window remains closed.

If I open the window and check the sky, something different, possibly better, likely more challenging might appear.


If we continue to manage social issues, social issues manage to continue. - Bob McInnis

We have been spending $Billions on poverty alleviation ($40B according to the Welfare Council of Canada) and while we are helping people live better in their poverty, we seem to be managing our way into an habitual morass where there are more and more people dropping into the ‘system’ of poverty.

Let’s all open the hope window today and figure out how we begin solving this wickedly complex issue and then begin lifting people out of the mud, the mire and the muck that seems to be a unwanted and unexpected side effect of what we are currently doing.


2 thoughts on “Hope Opens a Window

  1. It’s all about consciousness. Even hope is only real to those who have the consciousness to entertain it as a possibility.I want to open the window to empowered consciousness.


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