Hacking Your Weekend

So many people I know, live for weekends and vacations. They start thinking about Saturday on Tuesday. They begin planning their escape into their own time 80 hours before quitting time on Friday and then they don’t make the most of their personal time. Work guilt, chores guilt, laziness and lack of motivation step in and come Monday morning, they start the countdown again.

Planning, preparation and persistence can ensure that the 60 hours from Friday at 5 to Monday at 8 are productive, pleasant and filled with possibilities.

Planning – there are weekend things that need to get done – housework, laundry, grocery shopping, yard maintenance. Make a list of 5 important tasks on Wednesday and kick off Saturday morning with a blistering race to complete them before 11am. Now have a delicious lunch and the remaining weekend is yours – what to do.

Preparation – If you are a reader make sure you have a couple good library books, if a runner have your gear laid out, if a shopper make a date with a friend, if a hiker … If you are prepared you are 78% less likely to make an excuse and sit on the couch watching TY. If you make a date to share the experience that jumps to 85%.

Pleasant – Sunday is yours. Do what you want without getting yourself into trouble. Sleep in if that’s what floats your boat, float a boat if that rings your bell, ring a bell and visit family or friends if that fills your souls, save your souls if you are a person of faith…. Make today yours and again share the joy and fun with someone you love.

While we be living to escape to weekends, make the most of the hours and Monday won’t seem so terrible.

Make Today Remarkable, by planning, preparing and looking forward to something pleasant.


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