Hacking Entertainment

Discernment and curiousity are key. Watching the same old, same old on TV can be relaxing but familiarity breeds predictability. Most programs lose their steam after season 4 and ride into oblivion with weak writing, static characters and little imagination. Get curious and PVR a couple episodes of something new. When you watch it, you have the option to hit stop and delete at any time. If you use your 60-90 minutes of TV a day wisely it can be more than just a distraction,.

Music and theatre require the same curiousity and a bit more risk. Does all you music sound like the prefabricated performances of The Voice or American Idol where judges have so narrowed the band as to what is ‘acceptable’ ? When was the last time you listened to an artist for the first time? Have you discovered a performer who wasn’t already popular? Have you experimented with a new genre?

Entertainment of the masses is becoming an amorphous blob of predictable patterns. Hack your entertainment by being curious and daring. Then make decisions quickly and add to your playlist or delete. Have fun experimenting.



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