Hacking Sustainablity

I have been asked to speak to a group of environmental professionals on the subject of personal sustainability. In my  research I discovered that the definition of sustainability varies as to make it mean almost anything. I am going to speak about a few principles;

What is important to you in social, economic and environmental contexts?

What is your goal(s) and what are your boundaries?

What choices are you making?

We need to create something better. And for that to happen, we must begin to reconsider which parts of our lives contribute to healthy vibrance and abundance, and which don’t. Then we begin choosing to divest our interests (financial, human, intellectual and relational) from those parts that are detracting and investing more in those that are contributing. Easy to say, harder to do. As in most things (all Things) there isn’t a once and done big step to the finish line. Small steps and re=evaluation are the order of the day.

Start by examining where you are investing your financial resources. Are the purchases and points of sale creating abundance or scarcity? Are you buying pollution or clean air? Fair workplace or sweat shop? Are you questioning if you even need another …? What are you going to use the new … for? What else could you use your financial resources for? What else could the money do?

Work your way through financial and then tackle human, intellectual and relational in any order.

Make Today Sustainable and Remarkable,




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