Wine Hacking

I am definitely a connoisseur of fine wine but I know what I like and I have learned that there are a lot I don’t like /appreciate. I usually prefer red wine regardless of the pairing although I have had some great dessert pairs where the crispness of a white enhanced both the wine and the sweet.

My favorite red is a blend from Kline Cellars, from Sonoma, called Cashmere – I bought up all the inventory locally and am not sure it is even on their roster anymore. I am sure that some of my fondness is from a memory of an extraordinary  visit to the vineyards a few years ago.

I have a taste for mead, again because of the experience that our friends at Fallen Timber Meadery have provided over the years. Fallen Timber Hopped Mead would top my list from their fairly extensive menu.

Bordeaux wines published a wine hacking blog on BuzzFeed and I have used;

#7. Need to chill your wine in a hurry? Wrap a linen towel around it and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes.

#10. If you’re packing a bottle of wine for a trip, insert it into a pool floatie or a sock to protect it.

and would really love to try #9.

Make Today Remarkable, by enjoying a glass of your favorite wine,


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