Hacking the New World Order (Part 2)

My speaking engagement with Canadian Environmental Professionals about personal sustainability turned into a challenge to seek HOPE and embrace her when she chases after you.


The path to HOPE is choice (same path to personal sustainability). Everyday in every way  we are faced with choices; some are higher order like choosing to view your day/life through the frame of HOPE and some are practical outcroppings of the higher choices like choosing what and how much you eat.

As 2015 comes to a near close it is again an arbitrary opportunity to re-evaluate your highest order choices.

Hope vs Cynicism

Happiness vs Despair

Fear vs Freedom

Courage vs Conformity

Excellence vs Mediocrity

Forgiveness vs Revenge

Health vs Sickness

Once you re-commit to a 2016 value set, your big decisions get easier. The question becomes: does this confirm my values? If yes, proceed.

This is another ‘easy to say, harder to do’ action but as you look for health, forgiveness, excellence, courage, freedom, happiness and hope, all new forms of all of them begin to manifest. It isn’t a silver bullet/magic elixir and takes commitment but every day that you change your frames is another day that is better for you and your world.

What higher order choices are on your 2016 list/





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